Mining Timer Tool

Calculate your Mining Operations


  • Time recording and calculation of time shares per player
  • Start, stop/pause each player individually
  • Player selection: all, none, all active, all inactive, single pick or individual Selection
  • Possibility to correct the start and stop times of each individual player
  • Start/stop multiple selected players
  • Calculation of the total time of the mining action
  • Calculation of the mining time of each individual player
  • Possibility to add new players at any time
  • Editable mission name
  • GUI auto update
  • Autosave on relevant changes e.g. adding a player, ore or consumable
  • Loading mission save files
  • Billing of consumables coverd by the organization/guild (fuel costs, consumables, etc.)
  • Organisation/guild tax from 0% - 100%
  • Player skill level from 0% - 100%
  • Favorites management